We are glad to announce that in the Hang Seng Index Announcement issued today, XD Inc. (HK.2400) has been included in the Hang Seng Composite Index. This change will be officially effective from March 9, 2020.


As an important indicator to the international capital market, The Hang Seng Composite Index clearly reflects the status of various industries and the performance of stocks in different market capitalization categories. Therefore, it has a wide range of representations and provides the market with indicators and product development benchmarks. That XD Inc. was included in the Hang Seng Composite Index this time means the business performance and future growth prospects of the company have been recognized by the market, which will also help to increase the company’s influence in the capital market.


According to the Hang Seng Index official website [1], the relevant adjustments to the company are mainly demonstrated in the following table:

Hang Seng Composite Index

The following constituent changes will be made to the Hang Seng Composite Index. The total number of constituents will decrease from 480 to 476.


Code Company
116 Chow Sang Sang Holdings International Ltd.
120 Cosmopolitan International Holdings Ltd.
302 CMGE Technology Group Ltd.
697 Shougang Concord International Enterprises Co. Ltd.
826 Tiangong International Co. Ltd.
1268 China MeiDong Auto Holdings Ltd.
1282 Glory Sun Financial Group Ltd.
1286 Impro Precision Industries Ltd.
1691 JS Global Lifestyle Co. Ltd.
1789 AK Medical Holdings Ltd.
1836 Stella International Holdings Ltd.
1873 Viva Biotech Holdings
1881 Regal Real Estate Investment Trust
2048 E-House (China) Enterprise Holdings Ltd.
2103 Sinic Holdings (Group) Co. Ltd.
2400 XD Inc.
3319 A-Living Services Co., Ltd. – H Shares
3331 Vinda International Holdings Ltd.
6049 Poly Property Development Co., Ltd. – H Shares
6069 Sheng Ye Capital Ltd.
6110 Topsports International Holdings Ltd.
6186 China Feihe Ltd.


As the new blood to the capital market, XD Inc. was commenced trading of shares on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“HKEX”) on December 12, 2019. As of February 21, the company’s stock price was HK$ 28.2, with a market value of more than HK$ 12 billion.


[1] https://www.hsi.com.hk/static/uploads/contents/en/news/pressRelease/20200221T000000.pdf