XD Inc. (2400.HK) is pleased to announce the recently completed acquisition of LeanCloud, a leading one-stop back-end cloud service provider used by millions of developers. The LeanCloud team will be integrated into  the TapTap Developer Services (TDS) team within XD Inc. to help lead the operations of the company’s developer-facing product line..

LeanCloud was founded in 2014 with most of its team being alumni of Google, Microsoft, IBM, Baidu, Alibaba, Netease, Sohu and other well-known tech companies.

Over the past few years, XD has become a major partner of LeanCloud with titles like Idle Proing, Sausage Man, Human: Fall Flat, Muse dash all having used LeanCloud’s services. Throughout this long term partnership, XD Inc. had discovered immense value to be generated for both teams with a deep integration of LeanCloud into the XD product line. 

LeanCloud provides an easily integrated SDK that helps with back-end cloud services such as data storage, file storage/CDN, message push, and instant messaging; the SDK also offers development tools such as cloud engine and cloud functions to support back-end coding during the development of mobile apps.. The percentage of revenue from game developers on LeanCloud accounted for more than half of the company’s total revenues in 2020.  

With a common goal of “providing value to content creators,” the acquisition of LeanCloud is expected to immensely improve TapTap’s ability to help developers. With LeanCloud’s experience in helping developers lighten the burden of back-end development, lowering development costs and expediting development cycles, TapTap will be expected to roll out new developers friendly services in the near future. 

The TDS, announced back in July 2020, will be rolling out new services for developers in 2021 including  targeted testing invitations, in-depth data analysis, TapTap accounts login, TapTap friend synchronization and embedded TapTap communities..

On this acquisition, Jiang Hong, co-founder and CEO of LeanCloud had said:, The XD management team were very impressive in maintaining their entrepreneur ideals after their IPO . LeanCloud recognizes and appreciates XD’s philosophy and culture, and both parties have a lot to gain from this acquisition.”.

“Both teams are based on the same values and have the same product philosophies.,This integration will bring more value to both parties with more exciting and better quality services to our users.” .Added Huang Yimeng, Founder and CEO of XD Inc.